A Bit Of Blow And A Wank

By | March 22, 2008

It’s a rare thing but Alex and I were invited to a party last night. It was a cold evening but we wanted to get out and do something different to the norm.

The party was in celebration of a work colleague securing a position in Germany with some advertising company or other. Nice, I wish I could find something like that I have been looking for something to provide a little more cash for a while.

So, as it was a cold evening I decided to wear my black jeans and a red lambswool sweater. I know it doesn’t sound very sexy but it accentuates my curves very nicely. 😉 And I got quite a few looks last night. Did a bit of looking myself, there were some very nice guys and girls there.

During the evening when Alex’s friend Craig got a little bit tipsy he came over for a chat. He is a very interesting guy, done lots of things and went to Uni as a teenager.

Which is wear I was leading to. He used to share a house with 3 other guys when he went to Uni in Manchester. One of the guys actually owned the house, you know one of those don’t want to except the fact that he is getting on a bit now and should really grow out of the student thing.

He told us one night he went out with his fellow students and came back to the house, walked in to the living room to make his way to the offshoot kitchen and found his landlord in a compromising position.

In the dimly light room he was crashed out, sat up with his jeans around his ankles. The ashtray next to him held the remains of a couple of joints. Hold on you haven’t heard the best yet…he was holding his limp cock in his hand and at its base was the tea towel from the kitchen.

Errrrr! This guy had been wanking using the tea towel they used to dry the pots with in the kitchen. As Craig put it “How long has been doing that with the tea towels?.” Lol