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By | December 6, 2006

We don’t tend to take part in tagging but how could we refuse when it was by that kinky little witch Mistress Sky.

So here goes…”Reveal six weird things about yourself“.

Now I must say this was easier for Alex to answer than me because I’m perfectly normal.  Lol.

Alex’s answers will be in blue and mine in red so that you don’t confuse us.  Not that you would because he is far more weird than me.  🙂

1. If I casserole anything in the oven and it carbonises around the dish, I have to eat it.  I get a fork and chip away at it if necessary.  Yum!
2. I love my vegetables.  If there are any left over from dinner I save them and eat them cold later.  I’ve even been known to eat cold sprout sandwiches.
3. I have a set cleaning pattern for the house, always starting with the bathroom.   Then the upper floor and working my way downstairs.  I never, ever deviate from this routine.  If I did it would probably throw me a little.
4. I’m a sucker for a bargain and will buy almost anything if it has been reduced or there is a special offer on it.  Once I bought a blouse which had been drastically reduced and put it in the wardrobe.  Several weeks later I took it out to wear it and discovered that I hated it.  See what I mean.  😀
5. If I park the car it has to be perfectly straight and in the middle of the space.  I have been known to walk back to the car if it isn’t and repark it.  Oh, and also the wheel has to be straight, I nearly forgot that one.
6. I can’t stand to see dirty pots around the sink after dinner.  As soon as we finish eating I have to start the washing up or I cannot settle down.  You know now I come to think of it, I am a little weird aren’t I?

1. I like rich tea biscuits, dunked in orange juice.
2. I have a very slight congenital defect. My right foot turns out by about five degrees, so the inside rear of my right shoe is always slightly more worn that the rest of the heel. My Grandmother was the same, but it skipped my Mother. Weird eh.
3. I love cat’s and dogs, despite being acutely allergic to both. Is that weird or masochistic?
4. I’m a realist and an optimist when it comes to people. I know the world is full of arseholes with their own agendas, but I always believe that people are fundamentally good and look for that good in them. Now that’s really weird, but wearing off with age.
5. I have a condition called synaesthesia. To you that’s weird. To me it’s normal and a wonderful thing to have.
6. Despite Suze being so weird I Love her, to the end of the earth. No, to the end of the Universe. I get up in the morning because of her, I rush home from work in the evening to be with her. Now that is weird.

We don’t tag, but if you want to tag yourself, feel free to pick up this one.