The Bitch Has A He-Bitch Partner In Crime

By | October 9, 2010

JackFirst of all I’d like to say thanks to everyone for their messages of support about my last post. Comments on this blog, Facebook and by email have been so supportive and while I’d like to elaborate I can’t because I believe in someone’s right to privacy, even the bastards who have caused this mess.

When someone does wrong to someone you care about deeply it hurts. It really hurts in a way that is impossible to explain no matter how eloquent you are. The words are gone, language is inadequate and you can be left as I was earlier a shaking mass of raw emotion. The post I put up helped to release some of the rage that I was feeling. I hate feeling like that no matter what the reason it switches off my intellect and leaves me incomplete. When I feel like that because someone has deliberately hurt one the people I care about the fury inside me burns hot, bright and merciless. Now I find out there are two of the bastards victimising the person I care about.

So it really is a good thing that I am separated from the person responsible by several time zones.

The only problem is that the person I care about is over there too. Yes it’s complicated and I can’t say any more.

Like I said, the messages have been great and I’d like to say a collective thanks to every one of you here.