Girls, Their wet Dreams and Masturbating

By | October 10, 2010

Suze, AlexSuze.comIt’s strange how things happen to you that you never even mention or give a second thought to. Men have never made it a secret that they have wet dreams. I’m not sure I really understood exactly what this meant when I heard this whispered around the girls locker rooms as a teenager. And as every school kid knows you never admit to not knowing something, especially if it involves a certain amount of sexual innuendo.

After all if you were to admit to being unsure what the expression meant and the fact that yes you were still a virgin, the whole thing would turn in on you. Before you knew it other pupils would be standing there pointing at you and calling you names.

Far better to act knowledgeable, even if you didn’t have a clue what others around you were talking about. There were girls around me having periods and claiming that they were fucking guys in my year. As if I would question this and reveal that I was indeed a virgin and hadn’t even started to menstruate yet. For heavens sake I could only just fill the A cup bra I bought last week! Some girls just grew up too quickly in many ways.

Girls can be very mean and cruel, I don’t know how guys can be. I was once called a virgin and I denied it implicitly not even knowing what the bloody hell they were on about. Lol That is just how innocent I was and shows the pressure we were all under to appear knowledgeable and sexually active. I can only sympathise with the youth of today and the pressures they must be under. They have my deepest sympathy.

Which brings me to the here and now. I didn’t realise until this evening when the penny dropped and I put two and two together as we spoke openly about how much we enjoy our sexual explorations that girls have wet dreams too. đŸ˜‰

I know you guys wake up with the sheets a little more starched than they were when you went to bed. That is understandable, seepage during sexual thought is common to both sexes but men being men, your arousal results in ejaculation. With women it is a little more subtle given that our sexual organs are internal. I suppose the same could be said for arousal, yours is obvious whilst ours can be hidden.

So although we complain that we have to cope with menstruation. You on the other hand have to cope with having your feelings displayed publicly. You cannot hide your erections, well not easily and your wet dreams are no secret from your mother, assuming that she cleans the house and you don’t know how to use the washing machine. Lol

All things considered I think we had quite a good trade off! Although I’m not sure about the menopause, I think you men can take that. Oh, just remembered there is the prostate problem…so I suppose we are almost even.

And so back to where this all started…

…I have stirred in the night and whilst semi conscious become aware that I was aroused due to the throbbing between my legs. Almost like being on auto pilot. Aware that my pussy is swollen and aroused I push my legs together and rub. Even in my soporific state I knew that my clit was swollen and ready. Usually it takes a while for manual stimulation to bring me to climax.

But in a matter of minutes I can feel my orgasm grip and then the warmth of my cum moistening my labia and inner thighs. And then without so much as a murmur I drift back to sleep without Alex being aware and probably wearing a satisfied smile. đŸ˜‰

I have done this many times and didn’t realise that I was having wet dreams.