By | October 11, 2010

Water FaountainThere is sex and there is good sex. You know the kind of thing I am talking about, when everything conspires to make your encounter out of this world. I’m not saying that sex isn’t good at the moment, far from it but this particular tryst was mind blowing. In fact I became so deliriously ecstatic that I almost passed out it was that good. 😉

My favourite position for a while now has been the doggy. It is the most effective for g-spot stimulation and depth of entry. Alex has bottomed out on my cervix before but that is a whole different post. Lol

I was feeling a little lazy and Alex Climbed between my legs, pushing forwards to enter my moist, puffy pussy. An unusual position for me but it worked, as soon as he pushed inside me everything seemed to be perfectly aligned.

He started to grind away at me and I raised my legs, crossing them over his back, angling my g-spot for perfect stimulation. Each pass of his cock teased my nerve endings and I started to writhe and gyrate my hips to meet his thrusts.

Alex leaned in towards me and I started to kiss and lick his neck, sucking his firm slightly salty flesh in to my mouth and between my teeth. I couldn’t resist a bite. Not too hard, just firm and dominant. 😉

He moaned, not with displeasure and I felt his cock twitch in my cunt. I had an overwhelming desire to pee but felt reassured at the same time that it wasn’t about to happen as peeing and pleasure don’t normally go together as the urethra is cut off whilst aroused. Thanks for small mercies. Lol

He was now driving in to me with the determination of one who needs to come and hard. I pulled him in deep biting my heels in to his flesh as I did so. FUCK! He was now coming in to me with extra depth and I was both biting my lip with a slight discomfort whilst at the same time approaching my orgasm with haste.

Without restraint I let my body quiver in to submission as I twitched below his hard, firm body bearing down on me. My breath erratic and deep as I came once, twice…oh, fuck knows just how many times.

Then came the sloshing and warmth between my legs.

The warmth engulfed me as I became aware of Alex moaning and trembling inside me. Small thrusts finishing him off. It was then I realised that I was feeling a wet chill around my groin and a dampness under my buttocks.

As Alex roller off me in a pleasure haze it hit me just how wet the sheet beneath me was. He rolled to my right in his post orgasmic bubble and I reached beneath me. The sheet was wet through, so was the mattress cover.

The bed was wet through and guess who’s side it was…