Emergency Dildo Drill

By | October 11, 2010

DildoAt the weekend we had a little trouble with our broadband. We called out an engineer on Friday and on Saturday he turned up. Just as I was getting out of bed, heard the sound of his diesel engine on our quiet road and realised he was headed our way… That in itself wasn’t a problem. I pulled on my trousers, sans underwear, found a T-shirt and  was about to answer the door when I realised that we hadn’t done a sex toy sweep.

Luckily Suze had only tidied up a couple of days before but the office (where the broadband comes into the house) was littered with everything from adult DVDs to sex toys, boxed and unwrapped. Luckily the engineer was parking up and making his way up our drive so I had a little time to grab piles of stuff and dump it into our bedroom.

Suze finished off the job and I let the guy in.

Considering we had such a short time to tidy up we did a good job but not perfect. It was only after the engineer left that Suze pointed out the riding crop and Sexopoly board game on top of the book case. LOL

He didn’t find the fault either, though he has got our line speed up to 5 Meg which when you live in the middle of nowhere like us is not bad at all.

I  wonder if he noticed the little oversights.