The Clit G-Spot Link

By | March 24, 2008

Alicia RhodesLast night Alex and I felt a little bit like watching some fetish porn. He selected Harmony’s House of Shame from the DVD case under the bed and put it in the player. It’s a multi scened party themed DVD complete with some really hot latex outfits, I particularly like the maids outfit. 😉

I stripped off and slipped in to my cute nightshirt (it’s turned a bit cold here, we have snow!) with a big teddy bear on the front and Alex down to his t-shirt. We slipped between the cold sheets and hugged for a moment to get warm.

Picture the scene, Alicia Rhodes straddles a pommel horse lifts her skirt and a guy in a pair of leather chaps enters her pussy and starts to fuck her. The camera angles are excellent, watching him fuck her from under the horse is very arousing.

I start to get horny and so does Alex, he had already started to gently wank under the covers. It’s a bit of a fetish of mine to watch, so pulled back the covers to enable me to see. Nothing quite like watching a guy satisfy himself, he knows exactly what he likes and observing can be so educational. 😉

By this time I was wanting a little attention myself, I was wet no doubt about it. Torn between watching Alicia being drilled good and proper and watching Alex masturbating. I reached over to my drawer and removed my clit vibe, placing it on my right middle finger.

Did I tell you I also like a bit of mutual masturbation! 😉

I turned it on, spat on my fingers and ran them along the valley between my swollen labia. Then I applied the clit vibe. It zinged my clit and I quivered as it made contact with the sensitive nub.

Alex was now starting to firm up as blood coursed through his veins into his cock. He placed his left hand on my thigh and watched as I began to massage my clit from side to side with the finger vibe.

Alicia was now being spit roast laying on her stomach with Mr Chaps fucking her pussy and another fucking her mouth. My favourite scenario, one I hope to fulfil soon. 😉 Watching her brought me closer to orgasm, I could feel my nerve endings jangling as I played with my clit.

My feet and hands began to tingle as the orgasm rose up through me. I placed right ankle over the left and squoze my buttocks together. This intensifies the pre-orgasmic state and makes my orgasm envelope me. I was close, just keeping myself on the edge to enjoy the tingles spreading throughout my pelvic girdle. It felt too good to give in so quickly.

Then BANG! My orgasm took me over, no stoping it now, no holding it back…it was coming and rippling through every muscle in my lower body as it travelled upwards…focusing on my vagina and clit.

My back arched in to the bed and I released an almighty moan as the last ripple of excitement travelled through my body. Even though my eyes were closed I could sense Alex’s pleasure just watching me come next to him.

I usually have a clit orgasm and leave it at that but Alex was hard and nudged me. “Do you want some cock?”, he asked. He didn’t need to ask twice.

The scene with Alicia was still playing and I turned towards the bottom of the bed on all fours so that I could watch whilst being fucked. Alex sidled in behind me and pushed the tip of his hard cock against my pussy lips. The left one got pulled in so I pulled my pussy open, releasing it.

He was now firmly inside me, ball deep. Alicia was really enjoying herself, now on her back with her lovely big breasts bouncing away as he fucked her, harder and harder.

Alex started to fuck me and I immediately became aware of him massaging my g-spot. It was so sensitive, it must have been stimulated by my clitoral orgasm because it had never felt so intense, heightened pleasure as he moved in and out of me.

Within moments I was moaning, telling Alex that I was coming. It really was that good. I can only conclude that having a clitoral orgasm immediately before your guy penetrates you flips the switch and you are highly tuned sexually, more so than normal.

Of course I will have to test this theory out again and again and…

He continued his onslaught on my pussy, relentlessly driving in and out of me. The visual stimuli on screen obviously adding another dimension.

“I want to taste you when you come!”, I called out, it just occurred to me. I was in the mood to taste him.

Alex grunted back to me, he was too far gone to speak.

A couple more deep thrusts and I was coming again and just as I came back down to earth Alex pulled out of me tapping me on the right buttock a couple of times. He withdrew from my pussy and moved back.

I turned to face him, head level with his cock. He continued to stimulate himself, pulling slowly back on his foreskin.

I crawled closer to him and placed my tongue on the underside of his cock, rubbing against his frenulum as he pulled at his erection. Alex started to fuck his hand, pushing his hips forwards and I sat with my tongue out.

Expectantly I waited for his ejaculate to spurt forth. One fuck, two fucks, three and with an a roar Alex exploded. The first emission hit the back of my throat with such force that he made me cough a little.

I kept my mouth open and stuck out my tongue waiting. He wanked and another spurt hit my top lip. I’m careful now to remain close when he comes, once you have had spunk in your eye you avoid it happening again at all costs. Lol

A couple more spurts and my tongue had accumulated a sizeable blob of his seed. He was spent nothing else to come he stopped masturbating.

I raised up on to my knees embraced him and kissed him deeply, sharing his seed as our tongues jostled.