Fucking Or Popping?

By | March 25, 2008

I read an article today claiming that a study group of 100 Australian women with mild to moderate depression revealed that they had on average a third more sex than women without depression.

It was claimed that the women were more sexually liberated and liable to have had a more diverse sexual history with single women being more susceptible to partaking in casual sex.

The reason for the marked increase in sexual diversity and activity was said to be that these women tended to seek sexual intimacy to make them feel secure.

Speaking from experience sex can be a very uplifting experience but the effects aren’t long lived. However the researchers conducting the study could not confirm if sex actually cure depression. True long-lasting happiness has to come from a stable relationship with your partner, good sex can only help such a relationship develop and endure.

I’m all for having more sex rather than popping pills, it has to be the better way to help yourself and have fun whilst doing it.

Pro-Sex versus Prozac, I know which gets my support.