Getting the Viagra Blues

By | March 25, 2008

ViagraViagra recently celebrated its tenth birthday. I assume the people at Pfizer celebrated by driving their Ferraris very fast while throwing high denomination bank notes out of the open windows like they were confetti. Pfizer make $1.5 billion each year from the drug and the reason is obvious. No man likes to admit that they have trouble attaining or sustaining an erection.

From time to time all men do, be that through illness, age or being so drunk that you wouldn’t know what to do with an erection if you had one. Now while Viagra is the answer for some men, a fact that should be celebrated, it’s not always necessary.

Whether it’s a psychological, placebo effect, or there really is some truth behind it there are numerous herbs and plant extracts that have been attributed with enhancing male performance.

In a totally unscientific survey I pulled the “enhancing lubes” from my bedside drawer that we’ve been sent for testing. This is what they contain in one combination or another:

Puncture Vine
Cnidium Seed
Ginko Biloba
Trifolium Protensa (Red Clover)
Horny Goat Weed
Vitamin E

Now as none of these preparations claims medical benefits the exact composition and concentration of each of these ingredients is not specified and while none of them have ever caused me any harm they have not been tested to the same extent as pharmaceuticals.

But there is something about herbal preparations that make them far more attractive to me than artificially synthesised ones. It’s not uncommon to feel comforted by the thought that the “it’s natural” therefore “it can’t do you any harm” or it contains “ancient wisdom” of some kind.

Well whatever the reason I’ve found all of the “enhancement” products I’ve tried have been useful to a greater of lesser extent, either by directly stimulating my penis, or apparently increasing the longevity of my erection.

So I don’t really care if their effects are in my head. For me at least they worked at the time.

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