Pull It And Fuck Me

By | March 26, 2008
I love the drive to and from work it gives me time to sit quietly and think or sometimes listen to the radio absent mindedley as I shrug off the days tensions. It’s also a place where I quite often become inspired to write a post on this site.Today was no exception. I was driving home and checked myself in the mirror catching site of my ponytail behind my head briefly.

It didn’t really occur to me just how much of a role my long locks actually plays in my bedroom capers. For example I love to tie it back as I did today in a ponytail and feel it flick as I deliberately over accentuate my head movement.

And when Alex and I are fucking and I’m riding his cock, I love the feel of the hair bouncing trying to free itself from the confines of my hairband. With each downward thrust it hits me between the shoulder blades just like a keratin whip and then bounces back in to position for the next.

When my hair is down I look slightly wild and dangerous! 😉 It feels good laying against the flesh on my back when Alex is taking me doggy style. It’s like a caress, hugging my shoulders and upper back. The twist is that it can also gently tickle too.

I’m letting you in to a secret here but I like to look back over my shoulder as Alex is fucking away at my pussy. Looking through tussled locks of hair as it falls over my eye can look so sexy, don’t you think?

Then when we are both spent and I lay back on my pillow I like my mane to fan out over my pillow in a rather romantic and sexy way.

Last but not least I love Alex to gather up a handful of my hair when he is fucking me and gently pull on it, taking command of me, making me his. Using my hair like a bridal as he pushes deep inside me. 😉

I now know when despite many thoughts to the contrary, especially when it needs to be disentangled, I have kept it long. Short is practical but not as much fun.