Pull It And Fuck Me Hard!

By | October 18, 2010

Big HairI don’t know why I did it, last time I vowed it would be the last time and yet I still went ahead despite everything.  It’s possibly because I’m so tight with my money.  Lol

If you were wondering exactly what I was wittering on about, it’s my hair.  I only have it trimmed every 4 moths or so because I have it tied back most of the time I really don’t notice that it needs cutting.  I’ve always done my own fringe maintenance, so I only go when the ends look a wee bit straggly.

The salon I go too does a wet trim and quick blow dry for just £10 which is good value.  Or rather it would be if the dozy cow who cuts it would pay attention!  Last time I visited she did just what she said and cut off (are you listening you stupid cow!) just an inch.

She asked me how much I wanted trimming off the ends and I said “how much to tidy up the ends?” and she replied and inch.  Now giving her a chance because last time she may have gotten distracted I agreed.

More fool me…

I watched her cut it and yes she did appear to be cutting an inch off with each snip.  What I didn’t realise was that this was going to be repeated until the end result was far more.  No wonder she didn’t show me the rear of my head in the mirror as they usually do.  I think she must have cut away a good 3 inches off the length.

Now I can barely gather it in to a ponytail but thankfully Alex can still grab a good handful as he fucks me from behind.  😉