How Much Sex Can You Handle?

By | March 26, 2008

We’re nearly three years old here at We look back every year and see fewer and fewer of the blogs who were around when we started up. It’s a shame because the adult blogging world has lost some real characters.

There are however a few of the original crowd still around.

The first one that springs to mind is Anastasia of Sexualité. Her site was originally on Blogger and is now hosted on her own domain as a TypePad blog. She has started and been involved in a number of projects over the years, culminating recently in the launch of the online Erotic publication Lucrezia Magazine. Ana is one the most prolific and industrious bloggers we’ve ever encountered. We’re honoured to count her as a friend.

The of course there’s DH of DH Spicy. Now hosted here, we first encountered DH’s blog about adult blogs when we noticed our name on his site during a vanity search. One of the most memorable moments in the last three years was a chatroom party hosted by DH involving participants from around the world. Some of us were up very late and others up very early to be there but we’ve never encountered anything quite like it since. Thanks DH! We’re glad to see you’re back blogging after a short break.

There are other names that occur to me, the inimitable Dzer, Madame X. Then I’m at a loss. There are a few blogs of 12, 18 or even 24 months old, but of those that we “knew” well all seem to have faded away.

I suppose I should ask, if you still read us and were around three years ago, drop us a line. If you aren’t quite that old but I’ve left you out, then likewise pop a comment below.

Three years is a long time to be writing about sex, perhaps it’s affected my memory.