The Perfect 10, Not Quite!

By | March 27, 2008

Carla Bruni and Louise PedersenAs I embark upon this post I know that is going to be a difficult one to compose. Sometimes don’t you find that you have an opinion, a point of view but you aren’t quite sure how to put that across to people.

I think this feeling is born out of the fact that I’m not quite sure myself as I commit text to page what exactly I’m trying to convey to you all. Doh!

Ok, here goes. For the first time today I looked up Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife on the Internet. The news footage I had managed to catch about them didn’t allow me to see his wife, Carla. I seemed to catch the back of her all the time.

So I did a Google image search for her because of all the hype currently surrounding them. Inferring that he prefers the film star lifestyle to the one of being president of France. I wanted to know who he had chosen to be his lifelong(?) partner and lover.

I typed the words Carla Bruni in to Google images, pressed return and eagerly waited for the images to start to display before me.

The one at the top of this post stood out amongst the others, some of which weren’t even of her. That’s me and her both, if you Google AlexSuze you get everyone else apart from us. Lol

I looked at endless pictures, I think in the hope that I would find that I too was attracted to this lady. But alas, I wasn’t I’m not sure quite why. She has the perfect sculptured facial shape, complete with full lips and pronounced cheek bones. But I find her eyes to be cold and hold no passion and the perfect combination of single facial aspects not to work as a whole.

It sounds as if I am over analysing this but I just can’t understand why the high scoring number of individual aspects of her face do not make an attractive whole. Could it be that her symmetry is not quite right? I’m not sure.

Louise PedersenBut if you compare her to Louise Pederson, who has the same sort of facial contours, they just seem to be aligned in a slightly more attractive way…at least to me.

I have to put this question to you all. Given Louise or Carla who would you say is the most attractive of the two?

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