Sexy Writing – Whatever Cums To Mind

By | October 19, 2010

SecretaryOrgasmic Letters

As a child I vaguely remember reading that you could write letters in invisible ink made from onion juice.  I believe the writing was revealed by holding the paper close to a heat source.  It’s so long ago now I can’t quite recall if I actually tried it out.

This memory was pulled from the darkest recesses of my memory today when I read a story in The Sun, always a good source of inspiration if not quite truthful reporting.  Lol

I just read that when MI6 were researching invisible inks it was discovered that semen was just the thing for the job.  Don’t laugh I kid you not.  Apparently the story behind this somewhat unusual writing medium has been documented in a book documenting the history of the secret intelligence service.

I’m just wondering how many volunteers I could find to keep me in supplies…

You can read the full story here.