Breast Creaming

By | October 19, 2010

BreastsIt never fails to amaze me what they will bring out next which promises women larger breast sizes.  As a teenager I recall my mother had some kind of spray contraption you fitted to the cold tap which sprayed cold water on your breast so firm them.  It looked some hideous comedy prop but it obviously made her feel that whilst she stood in the bathroom hovering over the bath getting her death of cold that something good was happening to her breast tissue.

Since then there have been numerous lotions and potions all making the same claim and promise of a firmer and larger bust.

But if you think about it, breast tissue is supported underneath by the various chest muscles just as a good bra supports then you would think firming up the chest muscles would do the same internally and that none of these lotions and potions could possibly do anything other than make your skin softer.

I’m reminded of all this as yet another expensive “solution in a bottle” hits the market.  Cosmetic company Radial have brought out Boob Job Jel which claims to both lift and plump up to an inch if used daily over an 8 week period.

So how much is this wonder cream I ask?   It’s a snip at just £125 and I have no idea for how much, it doesn’t say on the site.  Furthermore, you can also buy, get this…Tummy Tuck by the same company.

Tell you what I think I’ll invest in a good quality moisturiser and the gym thanks.  lol