The Accidental Lesbian – Part 1

By | October 19, 2010

SuzePip was an accident that happened when I was at school. I hated sport, netball was a weekly ordeal for me and hockey was hell, the constant risk of being hit with a wooden stick while being forced to play in freezing weather never held any appeal to me. The games teacher’s pets of course loved it, the attention, the praise and the all round adulation made them blossom.

That’s how I came to try ballet with Pip. She was a bit of a star within the school. Everyone said she would be a professional and of course with the snobbery that accompanies school governors that made her a firm favourite amongst most of the teachers. That made it even a surprise when I found that I really got along with her. Even more of a surprise was that she got along with me and seemed to take me under her wing.

In the three weeks I had been attending the classes I had proved myself to be totally useless. I could dance at the youth club and had begun to attract all the right kind of attention from the boys but when it came to ballet I was awful. I knew it and so did the ballet tutor. My parents had paid for a term of lessons when I had begged them to try something different so I thought I ought to stick it out.

Around the middle of the class I twisted something in my ankle and sat out the rest of the lesson watching the girls who had been dancing since they were four years old leap effortlessly around the floor. Pip was one of them yet she had something else, that little extra flair that raised her beyond the simply excellent and made her compelling. She should have been at ballet school already and I couldn’t work out why she wasn’t. I knew her family wasn’t well off, maybe that was why.

We were both 16, both had boyfriends of sorts. That didn’t stop me wondering as I watched her what it would be like to kiss her.

The lesson finished and Pip helped me to my feet. I normally walked home but Pip suggested I let her father take me home when he picked her up. “It’ll be a couple of hours.” She told me. “I asked him to pick me up from the youth club.” The club was on the school grounds so I could hobble across to it and wait. It seemed like a good idea as my parents were working long hours at the time, the curse of running your own business.

The other dancers left without changing, simply donning trainers and coats to keep out the autumn chill. “I ought to get changed.” I said.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Offered Pip.

The tutor, a grey haired ex ballerina who we all referred to as Miss Havisham behind her back left us alone asking Pip (a trusted and beloved student) to drop the latch in the dance studio door as she left.

“I’ll get your bag.” Pip said, disappearing into the storeroom.

I slipped the shoulder straps of my leotard from my shoulder and waited for her to return with my gym bag. She placed it in front of me and I waited for her to turn away before peeling off the Lycra. She didn’t and asked “What are you waiting for?”

“For you to get changed.”

“You’re looking.” I said weakly.

“Oh, come here.” She reached out and slipped the straps down further until my breasts were slowly revealed. They were small, AA at the time not the C cups I have now but they were tipped with a pair of hard nipples that throbbed with blood because of the thoughts I had been having about Pip.

Pip blinked and seemed taken aback. I blushed, a pink flush flashing across my face and upper chest. The moment passed and she pulled my leotard to my ankles, my tights were next, leaving me standing with a pile of crumpled lycra around my ankles and a pair of white panties covering my pussy.

I sat on a chair and let Pip carefully remove the tights. I could smell the scent between my thighs, moist from my impure thoughts about her and hoped she hadn’t notice. A slight twitch of her nostril seemed to indicate that she had.

“What were you thinking about? It wasn’t ballet!” Pip giggled.

I wanted to tell her that I was thinking about slipping my tongue in her mouth and as she knelt in front of me to remove my tights and leotard I seriously considered it. Good sense of course persuaded me otherwise and I kept my lips firmly pressed together.

When Pip had finished she looked up from her kneeling position and said “You didn’t answer me …” It was as if she looked into my eyes and read my thoughts. “You weren’t!” I blushed again. She lifted herself up onto her knees but didn’t get up fully, just shuffled forward between my legs.