The Accidental Lesbian – Part 2

By | October 19, 2010

Suze And Pip“That’s sweet but I don’t feel like that about girls.” She explained in a soft kind voice, appearing to understand I might feel rejected. She leant forward and kissed me on the lips, a kiss between friends. My hands slid around her and held her for a moment longer than she felt comfortable with, keeping her soft mouth pressed onto mine.

Her hands came up between us and pushed us apart. “Suze!” she gasped, her breathing unsteady. Then she looked down and realised her hands were resting on my boobs. She held them there, her own chest rising and falling before letting one hand slide down to reveal one of my hard nipples. She took the bud between her fingers and squoze it very gently. I let out a quiet moan. “Go on.” I encouraged her.

She leant forward and took the nipple in her mouth. At first she sucked, then licked sending electric ripples through me. I placed my hand on the back of her neck and held her there, not to coerce her more as an encouragement that what she was doing felt good. Pip toyed with my nipple for a couple of minutes before breaking free and looking up at me.

“Thank you” I said, shuffling in my seat. Every movement I made was pleasurable because my labia and clitoris were now more swollen than any naughty dream about my boyfriend had made me. “Help me over to the mats.”

I hobbled over to the pile of blue foam mats with Pip supporting me and lay on them with her. We held each other and kissed for a while. We were both timid at the start. I was unsure how far she wanted to go, she was obviously new to this and we did have a couple of hours to kill.

We found ourselves with out legs entwined, each of us grinding our crotches against one another’s thighs. We exchanged a glance that was filled with meaning and lust. Pip rolled off the mats and checked the door was locked. Only the cleaners could be heard far down the corridor buffing the floors.

As she walked back Pip began to remove her clothes and slipped off her panties before joining me on the mats. I started to remove mine but she said “No, this is more fun.” She slid her hand inside the light cotton and into my wet groove. It took a while for her to find the mark, the unfamiliar pussy fooling her for a moment. But I was very receptive and enjoyed every movement of her fingers.

I felt a lump in my throat and knew that I could cum at any moment. Pip’s tongue was now playing with mine and I found myself willing her to find the technique that would send me over the edge. Her inexperience showed so it took longer than I wanted. The waiting made the orgasm even better when I did eventually scream out her name and arch my back with pleasure.

Pip was amazed at my reaction.  I have always been very loud and demonstrative when I cum so I think she was a bit shocked. I took her hand and sucked at her fingers before offering them to her. She hesitated at first but once she had tasted my juices began to lick hungrily at them.

Pip was in need of some attention. I could smell her and see the restlessness in her. I had really awoken some kind of animal in this girl who had not known another female until me. I slid off my panties and rolled her onto her back then straddled her face and buried mine between her legs. As soon as I began to lick her lips, framed in light brown hair I could feel her lapping at me. She had found a taste for pussy and was drinking it in.

She tasted like me but subtly different. I used my tongue to probe and explore every centimetre of her soft folds of flesh. She was as excited as I was, wet and delicious. Her hips rolled and heaved every time my tongue touched her. I wanted to push my tongue deep into her hole but the angle meant that even my very long tongue reached its limit far before I was as deep as I would have liked. Pip was enjoying it though. Maybe her boyfriend didn’t give her this sort of attention,  I seem to remember mine was not that interested in spending much time on me.

I could feel she wasn’t going to cum. She needed a little more than a tongue. I lifted my pussy from her face and lay beside her. My right hand squeezed her breast, a very pert B cup and two of the fingers of my left hand slid between her labia. I pushed inside her pussy and massaged her opening. She reacted immediately so I knew I was heading in the right direction. Deeper inside I continued my massaging and found the spot she liked. Later in life I’d find out this was the G-Spot but then it was just the place she liked to be massaged.

Her legs clamped on my hand pressing me between her soft thighs. I worked with my fingers and held her breast with my right hand watching her face all the time. Then her head flew back, her eyes rolled and she bit her lip to stifle a cry. My hand was wet, her face was a picture of lustful pleasure and I found myself squatting in a puddle of my own nectar.