Do You Want A Virgin?

By | October 23, 2010

Do You Want A Virgin?Do you really want to take someone’s virginity? It’s a bug responsibility, well it seems that way to me. Perhaps I’m a little behind the times here but I feel that something like that, that can only be taken once has an infinite value and the privilege of helping someone lose it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I’ don’t think that you have to cover silk sheets in rose petals, fill the air with exotic scents, light candles and play just the right music … the moment of everyone’s defloration is different and the experience should simply be very special. Special means something different for every. It doesn’t have to be the most earth shattering sex, I suppose now I think about it the old fashioned idea that it should be with that “special someone”, “someone who respects you” or “someone you love” applies either.

What it should be is exactly what you want it to be, fun, gentle, wild, ecstatic … in whichever mix you like.

I for one have never slept with a virgin,  or at least if I have done she had an amazing natural talent for sex and I didn’t notice. And although as I’ve said above being “the first” is an honour there are lots of advantages to not being the first.

I am lucky in that my ability always coincided with the experience and expectations of my partner at whatever stage of my sexual development I was at. When I got together with Suze for example we worked together pretty much instantly. But then we work on all levels, emotionally, intellectually and sexually so that helps too. Together we have developed together and our compatibility is pretty much beyond doubt.

Returning to my point about virgins; There are a finite supply of unspoiled hymens out there and while the serendipitous discovery and breaching of that little arch of tissue within your lover would be very special we can all do without the early nervous fumblings getting in the way of a good screw can’t we?

And girls, what about the other way round. Do you want to be the first to be fucked by a virgin cock? Is that the subject of girly chats and female lust?