IM Quite Literally Satisfied

By | December 9, 2006

I set myself up an account on MySpace a few weeks ago, couldn’t let the chance to make new friends pass me by.  It’s still in its infancy as far as how I want it to look is concerned, but as they say, it is functional.

Furthermore, I actually have some new friends over there too.  Although I don’t get as much chance to communicate with them as I would like, the experience up to now has been very interesting.

I’ve held short naughty conversations with my new friends via email but only recently have I ventured in to IM’ing them.  If anyone would have asked me a few weeks ago if I could find myself getting turned on by a complete stranger using IM, I would have said “No” for sure.

Now I have changed my mind.  One of my friends over there, he knows who he is 😉 gave me the mental fuck of a lifetime last week.  Yes, I’ve watched the television ads for chatlines and never really thought that kind of sexual play would turn me on.  WRONG!

This guy had me wet from the first couple of lines in.  Not only did I get turned on by his lewd suggestions and storyline but I found that just typing in my responses to his virtual moves on me, was making me horny as fuck.  There I was laid out in front of him being massage with warm oil all the way down to my pussy, where he stopped and drizzled some of the oil down between my lips…you see where this is going don’t you?

I licked, caressed and teased his cock, eventually giving a virtual deep throat.  This sent him over the edge and he came whilst sitting there in front of his screen.  He wished he had a wireless connection so that he could have laid back on the bed and let me guide him in to his orgasm.

The major problem with this of course is that you aren’t able to totally take care of yourself when you are typing away.  If you neglect the keyboard your cyber lover is left hanging.  This is where voice recognition could cum (lol) into it’s own.  I could sit giving my keyboard verbal commands and see them being entered on the screen as I sit a frig myself.

Well, back to the real world…I had to keep breaking off and slipping my hand in to my panties and giving my clit a rub.  Before long my panties were sticking to me and I had to remove them.  I was now sitting in front of my screen eagerly awaiting the next line of text from him.  Within minutes I had gone from smiling coyly at his words to “needing” them.  Does that sound strange?

I wanted to be brought to a climax, what started as a typical conversation had now taken over my mind, my body.  My feet were now up on the desk, spread wide before the screen, almost as if the some phallus was going to burst forth and fuck me.

My cyber friend was now back in full swing having spewed his seed in to his waiting tissues.  He began to tease me and encourage me to play with myself and I just settled back in my office chair and let him lead me to orgasm.  My middle right finger was now hitting the spot and I was now trying to type with my left hand (not easy) whilst I continued to work myself to orgasm.

The room took on the odour of a tart’s boudoir as my scent filled every corner.  My pussy was now so wet and slimy that my fingers glided across my swollen bud with little friction.  He now had his head between my legs sucking my clit in between his lips, tongue flicking and darting across it.

My fingers and toes began to tingle, then my lower back as I arched in to the familiar spasm which precedes my orgasm.  I dug my heels in to the desk and raised my arse of the chair, rubbing faster and with less delicacy.  My whole body tensed with the wave of ecstasy which hit me like a tidal wave of pleasure.  I was coming and my fingers were now saturated in my own body fluid.

I typed…”I just came…thank you!”