Continental Porn

By | October 22, 2010

SuzeDid you miss me guys?  After setting off for the airport at 3am on Thursday morning we finally arrived after catching two planes at around 3pm, a very long day travelling and too late to visit any of the shows.  We decided to simply chill out.

Today we thought we would hit the ground running when visiting the B2B trade event eroFame but last night despite our best efforts to get to bed early last night it didn’t turn out that way.  Someone in the room above us kept me awake until around 3.15am this morning dismantling their room or at least it sounded that way.  Consequently rather than Alex and I getting up this morning ready to hit the ground running but we both woke feeling like we had done a days work.

We had attempted to use the hotel’s WIFI to update you but found we couldn’t establish a connection, then this evening when we finally complained at reception, they gave us a LAN lead and voila!  We can now keep you updated.

So going back to the noisy neighbour, I decided to go up on to their floor this morning to check them out and guess what…the cheeky bastards (and I’m not apologising for my strong language) had placed a Do Not Disturb sign on their door handle.  Well, I saw red and removed it quickly making off with it up the long corridor.  Realising if they heard me they could open the door at any minute I quickly discarded it in an alcove.

Naughty I know but it made me feel better and slightly compensated me for my lost night’s sleep;  I hope housekeeping woke them up rather rudely.  Lol

Despite being tired we both enjoyed our trip to the first eroFame and it was really good, got chance to network and pick up some new toys without the distractions of loud music and fighting through public halls to reach our clients.

I actually had people throwing toys at me today but I’ll tell you more about it later.  🙂