Mile High, Energy Low

By | October 23, 2010

Air HostessWrote this on our way here but wasn’t able to post it because of our Internet connection issues …

At the risk being sexist here, no not sexist just selfish, we only had one female member of staff on the flight into Germany. We were looked after by the male attendant who while very nice, isn’t my type. Yes I’m a sucker for a woman in uniform so I was a little disapointed at the loss of letching opportunities but I don’t think they will refund any of the price of my ticket. LOL

We’re now stuck at Dusseldorf airport waiting for the connecting flight to Berlin and although I’m writing this to post up on the blog I’ll not be able to as for some reason Dusseldorf Airport’s Wi-Fi doesn’t like me and will not allow me to use it. I get connected and then nothing. Hmmm. It did the same last year when we were over here.

I’ll post this up when I get to the hotel.

Manchester was horribly busy this morning but Dusseldorf Airport is like a sleepy little village by comparison. The airport Café dropped one earlier when I bought a drink. They gave me change for €10 when I handed over €20, €10 are bright red so I knew I’d given them a blue €20. They pulled the till draw out and reconciled it – they were very apologetic, an honest mistake, but not the way I wanted to start my trip to Germany.

Well, shutting down now and having a bit of a doze with Suze ‘cos there’s another hour until out flight boards and I’m knackered.