Sex Toys And Dutch Orgasms

By | October 23, 2010

MasturbationYesterday at eroFame we met a lot of people we know and a few we have never encountered before. There are always new brands and new ideas to get excited about, though some will have faded by next year and maybe never see the light of day. Others will be the next best thing and it’s only by visiting shows like this that we are able to get in first and ensure we get our hands on the new toys before anyone else.

I’ll be covering the show in detail when I get back but for now here are a few of the highlights.

NJoy showed us some uber secret new shapes that look amazing. But we couldn’t photograph them! Some may be going into production, some may not … they do look exciting so let’s hope they do.

Lelo have some pretty new toys that Suze will be playing with soon. Shiny metallic finish and medical grade silicone, that seems to be a trend with a couple of the high-end manufacturers … like Zini who we’re going to see at Venus today.

There’s a lot more to tell but we’re about to shoot off to Venus so I have to be quick.

The most refreshing encounter we had was with the most enthusiastic start-up we’ve met. She’s Dutch, has been working in China for two years to get her designs and manufacturing process just right and will be coming to market with her new products next year. She is so endearing … especially with the way in which she spent several minutes telling Suze and myself just how she likes to get herself off and how clitoral stimulation is essential for her to achieve orgasm.

Only in this industry is it normal for a total stranger to tell you in detail how they masturbate!