Buggered In Berlin

By | October 25, 2010

ShinyFrom yesterday at Tegel airport …

Oh joy. We got to Berlin today and again couldn’t get wireless Internet access. I suspect it’s a combination of me not being familiar with the wireless on Windows 7 and McAfee being really helpful and trying to keep Suze’s laptop secure. So I’m a bit buggered and will have to post this up later today.

It’s a long trip home because of the two flights and wait at Frankfurt but next year we may be closer to home and only need one single flight to get here. I’ve got lots of images to edit and put up for you despite Venus being a bit of a disappointment.

Our first visit was last year and we found it very entertaining. Not just for the full-on sexual content but in many ways because of the secondary entertainment you can derive from watching the people watching the naked girls. This year of course the novelty of a first visit had faded but that wasn’t the only change. We went invigorated and familiar with the format and venue. Sadly the number of exhibitors was smaller, both in the trade area, because of the rival eroFame show and the public area.

There was some good stuff, but frankly the whole experience was a bit grubbier and more aimed at the crowds of 18 year old boys and their camera phones.

I’m going to put a full report about the show up on A-Rouse.com and probably carry some special features on the Sex Toys Buzz newsletter courtesy of Suze.

Until later Tusch from Berlin Tegel Airport.