Plenty Of Pussy On Show

By | October 27, 2010

Pussy FlashAs I mentioned earlier the fetish hall at Venus this year contained only a few stands displaying clothing, DVD’s and a stand which was selling well made dungeon equipment.  I think they were there last year.

For me the event should embrace all kinks and desires and without a strong presence of the BDSM element it felt that there was something missing.  Last year the human ponies pulling the public round the event in a cart were wonderful but this year there was nothing notable about the event.

The main public hall had its usual pole dancing and erotic performance stands which obviously attracted a lot of attention from the predominantly male audience.

A welcome addition this year were the number of curvy girls on stands, some of them even fitted in to the BBW category.  It was nice to see them in contrast to the usual stick thin models who adorned most of the prominent positions.

And for me the highlight of the day was getting the gorgeous Peaches to pose for a picture.  We had been trying to attract her attention for a while as she posed with fans and eventually managed to get a great shot of her.

The girls were very patient with the fans, some had the cheek to not just put their arms around the models but to also grab a hand full of tit too.  If it had been me they would have got a slap.  Lol