I Finally Got Spitroasted!

By | March 31, 2008

Alex's Cloned CockI bet you can’t take your eyes off it can you? Well, perhaps some of you can depending on your sexual persuasion. Lol That beautiful masterpiece up there in the top left corner is the clone we made of Alex’s cock. Several of you had asked to see the reproduction, including our dear friend Rossco

Ever since Alex cloned his cock I have been patiently waiting for the compound to cure. It has been sitting in our office on the bookshelf teasing me, calling to me to try it out but I had to be patient. 😉

Today just after lunch we did a little writing in the office and the mini Alex caught my eye right in the middle of writing a post for this site. I stood up took it from the shelf and without a word to Alex who was sitting right beside me I wandered off in to the bedroom.

I slipped out of my blue jeans and black t-shirt, right down to my red lacey bra and panties which Alex bought from La Senza for me. You may have seen me modelling them in various images here on the site.

The panties were slid over my hips, down my legs and kicked them over to the wall. I stood the phallus on my bedside drawer whilst I retrieved the remote from Alex’s side of the bed and turned the television and DVD player on. Fortuitously, one of my favourite DVD’s was already in there from the night before, I pressed play.

I settled down on the mattress and took hold of the clone. It felt cold so I placed it between my thighs for a while to warm whilst I scooped my left breast from my bra and started to play. Alex was typing away on his keyboard I could hear him through the wall.

My nipple responded almost immediately and hardened under my fingertip. I began to roll the firm brownish pink nub around under my finger. My nerve endings began to fire and I arched my back slightly to meet my finger, pushing that erect nipple closer to its arouser.

My thighs were now pushed close, hugging that cloned cock as I watched the blonde taking her cock good and hard. The guy was mercilessly fucking her as she bent over the banister atop a very old Hugarian staircase.

The vibe was now warmed and I removed it from between my thighs. It was a perfect replica of Alex’s erect cock, complete with veins and frenulum…Mmmmm. I knew I needed lube, I was wet but would need assistance in taking this.

At that moment Alex stepped through the bedroom door. He saw me reaching over to the drawer. “You wanting lube, I’ll get it for you”, he kindly offered. I held out the clone vibrator and he applied a generous drop of water based lube to the tip. My index finger worked the lube around the tip of the clone.

Alex moved in next to me on the bed after removing his clothing. It was warm in the room and he was stark bollock naked, marvellous no clothing to hinder his ministrations. I could see him running his clenched hand up and down his cock as I pushed the cloned Alex inside me.

The lube felt cold as it touched my labia but it soon warmed and the vibe made its way inside me. It was a strange feeling of familiarity as it entered me, as if my pussy had been preprogramed with Alex’s exact shape and size. But one thing threw the sensation…this was the right size, shape and dimensions but it was hard. Alex is hard when he fucks me but not that hard, not latex hard.

It felt good though and it really filled my pussy. Alex stroked away. I flicked the button at the bottom and my pussy was full and resonating. Just knowing this vibe inside me was Alex was turning me on. I began to work the vibe in and out of my cunt, my grip becoming difficult as my juices flowed out of me.
Using my pc musles I held the vibe in place as I worked on my swollen clit. I began to massage my swollen bud with my middle right finger, I was so wet! Then I felt a tap on my right arm. It was Alex hitting me with his hard cock. Whilst I had been playing so had he and he was hard.

I raised to my knees, vibe still inside me and leant over Alex’s left hip, taking his cock in my right hand. He was hard, pulsating and hard, the kind of hard that looks as if it would hurt, skin close to tearing hard…

Opening my mouth I took all of him inside. I place my tongue against the back of his cock as I slipped between his open legs. Now poised and ready, I began to descend the length of his erection. Alex gasped.

His balls were tight, resting against his body and moving within the confines of their fleshy sack. I pushed my head downwards feeling his cock almost choke me as it pushed deep almost hitting my tonsils. Instinctively I opened my mouth drawing air. Alex now had his hands in my hair and was more than a little excited.

My hand moved back between my legs and started to move the vibe in and out of my hot and swollen folds. Alex held my head between his hands and began to gently fuck upwards in to my mouth. He knows just how far to go to avoid the auto gag reaction which initially impinges on giving a good blow job.

He continued and I held my throat open, pushing my tongue against the base of my moth keeping my airway free. His hands were now grasping two handfuls of hair at either side of my head as he fucked me like he meant business. My hand speeded up in time with his oral thrusting. I came, I was so turned on by his domineering presence, I came and couldn’t even tell him as I normally do. My mouth was full.

Would he know I just came from the throaty groans he just heard?


That was Alex. He was now fucking me quite deeply and I had to pull my head back to avoid gagging.

Then splat! The first spurt of come hit the back of my throat and I tried hard not to cough. Then I felt the luke warm trickle of seminal fluid running over my tongue and down my throat. His pace slowed and he let go of my hair. Muscles lost tension. Then his hands dropped from my head and I raised myself off his cock and swallowed the remainder of his cum.

As I lay back on the bed with the vibe still running in my pussy I felt Alex’s hand between my legs…

…The vibe started to work in and out of me…

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