Horny, Busty And More Dirtiness

By | April 1, 2008

I wonder how many hours of work per day are lost through employees chatting. Mondays and Fridays must be the most prolific days for this. Not that I would ever do anything like that. Oh, of course not. Lol

Today we were all finding it difficult to settle down and apply ourselves but we managed a full morning of heads down work. Then came the afternoon and we started to chat between ourselves.

Having seen the program A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex I mentioned what the programme had featured. The episode I watched was about increasing the size of a man’s cock via various means from cream to what looked like medieval torture devices.

I found the program interesting and quite informative and very graphic. It seems over here if your program is “educationally” based you can show hardons and genitalia without any problems. The ejaculation footage taken inside the females vagina was very impressive.

They have male and female models who enact sexual positions and other items for the show who have cameras mounted on them. The whole concept of the show is original and educational as it seems to cover many taboo areas.

Busty then added “Oh, I’ve seen that. The one I saw was about rimming”. Somehow it just seemed slightly naughty when she says it, I don’t know why I have this feeling that she should be quite naive in the sex department. Perhaps it’s me just hoping to get the chance to educate her one day. 😉

“What’s rimming?”, asked Horny with a puzzled look on her face. Busty went on the explain that the anus is a very sensitive area where lots of nerve endings are and that some people like to be licked there or have a finger partially inside.

Horny looked slightly taken back by this coupled with an inquisitive thirst for knowledge.

Busty then revealed that when she first found out that she could orgasm on her clit she couldn’t stop masturbating. She said that she was going off and doing it 3 or 4 times a day. “I made myself a little sore and had to sit on a cushion”, she added. We broke in to hysterical laughter.

Then Suze just couldn’t help herself could she. I told her that I had only discovered clitoral orgasms about 2 years ago and that I now have a wonderful toy to help me achieve them even quicker.

I reigned myself back in before I recommended to her that she reads my toy reviews. It very nearly slipped right out. Suze will have to be careful never to get drunk in the company of these two, I may just drop myself right in it. Lol

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