All Day Sex

By | October 29, 2010

Leather LadyWhat do other people do with their days?

I work and when I’m not doing the day job I think about sex, sex toys and porn. That’s when I’m not having sex. I just realised that this isn’t a normal state of affairs.

Although I’m not what you’d call sex-obsessed the nature of what we do means that I think about these sort of things all the time. The slightly different outlook on sex and sexuality that this gives me makes interactions in my everyday life a little peculiar at times. In fact contrary to what you might think when I’m talking to people outside the industry I am probably a little reserved when talking about sexual matters.

The reason is obvious, I’m wary of crossing the line and getting an odd look from someone, or worse still offending someone by saying something that in the wider world is simply unacceptable – whereas in adult it’s just part of the job.

It does make for some interesting situations. I’ve lost count of the number of occasions where I’ve had to act dumb and pretend that when someone mentions a porn star, sexual practice or a swingers club I have to act surprised and innocent. They often feel like they are educating me and probably wonder what stone I have been hiding under not to know what rimming is for example.

Well, I’d rather be seen as innocent and a little out of touch than arouse too much suspicion about what we actually get up to online and in the physical world of adult entertainment.

LOL, in fact as far as everyone is concerned we were both off on a boring business trip last week. It was business, but its definitely not boring. 🙂