Breasts To Die For

By | October 28, 2010

Silly BoobsI’ve boosted my boobs in many ways over the years, the earliest of these was the folded up tissues in the base of the cup, adding those vital inches and pushing them up even more.

Then came the Wonder Bra with its boob boosting pads which inserted in to a small pocket in the base of the cup.  I’ve a story to tell about that, I’ll have to remember to resurrect it. It’s very funny.  🙂

Next came the foam fillets, I recall buying a pack of those some years ago, they were basically like the ones in the wonder bra but plumper and they had a habit of making a bid for freedom.

Gel filled bras which gave a softer more natural uplift and plumping effect are more recent and very effective but I found the added weight isn’t so good.  So it’s a good job that my breasts don’t really need enhancement these days, they are finally a size I am happy with.

One thing I have never done with my bra’s is to use them as a purse.  I’ve seen women retrieve money from them and other items just like a magician.  But I bet they never used it to store liquid sedatives to drug men and enable you to take their wallets like this woman did.  That takes some front…sorry couldn’t resist that.  🙂