Fuck My Face

By | October 29, 2010

Gob JobI’m the kind of girl that you really can’t pigeon hole. I’m not in to hotwifing or cuckolding but I can be a kinky bitch when in the mood. I would like to think that is exactly why Alex and I have been together so long, the variety, passion and non pretentious relationship we have. We don’t aspire to be anything other than a loving sexual partner to each other. 😉

I’m a person of whim. If it feels good and I want to do it, I go with it. After all isn’t that the best way to indulge in sex, not strained or pretentious, just natural and instinctive?

Well, this evening. Or if you are reading it on Thursday, last night. I felt in the mood to be in control and before Alex had chance to suggest anything I took total control. I asked him to put some of our new porn in the DVD drive (multi tasking because we need to review it lol) and pushed him back on to the mattress when he returned to the bed.

He knows me well by now and that I like him to totally submit to me. Don’t bother trying to play with my tits or kiss me, I want to do things to you that will make your toes curl and a smile play on your face.

His cock was semi hard when I took a firm grip of him with my left hand, not my normal choice but I was leaning towards him on my right arm. He responded well to me capturing his cock, I could fell his cells becoming turgid and responsive to my touch. A feeling I like, one which makes me feel in control. I can make him hard…

Within minute he was pulsing in my hand as I started to pull back his foreskin and slowly work his cock. I felt the tension drain from his body as he surrendere to me. The Domme in me sometimes takes over and I want to bite deep in to his turgid flesh or drag my nails over him but sensibility takes over and I know he doesn’t want that, least not now.

I lower my head over him and take the very tip in to my mouth, letting him feel the warmth of my mouth. He sighs. In contrast I’m now blowing cool air over his bulging tip and he moans. He adjusts his body shuffling slightly and I go down on him.

Too eager he grounds in the back of my throat, I cough and lift off him slightly until composure is regained. I’m feeling naughty and enclose my teeth around his crown and slowly but carefully graze the tip of his cock and he love it, yes he loves it.

Then something posses me and I lower my head enclosing lips around his cock, bracing him firmly and press my tongue directly under his sensitive frenulum. He twitches under me and then without warning starts to fuck my mouth.

His hips rise and fall in rapid succession as he fucks my mouth. Hand embrace my head and secure my position as he fucks and fuck and…

A dribble of saliva escapes the right corner of my mouth and runs uninhibited down my chin and neck, to where I don’t care, he is fucking me and I want him to. I want to feel him explode inside my mouth.

He momentarily withdraws from my warm moist orifice and I take the opportunity to regain my breath. Then he’s there, holding down my ears against my skull and pounding in to me. I feel dirty, used but empowered. I can stop him at any time but I don’t want to. Let me taste your bitter sweet seed as it pumps in to my open throat.

Resistance is futile and I start to fuck him, bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock, I’m going with the flow. My pussy is swollen and throbbing now. My hand slips between my legs and my fingers deftly find their way to my engorged clit. I start to rub and he starts to come in to my mouth.

He makes me cough with the first round of cum, which is quickly followed by another and another I hurriedly swallow to capture his warm issue. I’m coming now, the moment being so intense that I just couldn’t hold it back.

Alex pulls free of my throat and leans in to kiss me. He accepts my tongue, coated in his come and moans as he tastes himself on me…