Banging Hard In Berlin

By | October 29, 2010

Latex Ass MirrorI posted the other day about our noisy neighbour at the hotel, you can read it here if you missed it.  Since then I’ve had several emails and enquiries at to what happened with them.

Well the first night I couldn’t hear anything other than continual banging and loud footfalls above.  There were no voices, television or other sounds…most peculiar.

The following night around the same time we heard the loud footsteps as someone ran heavily upstairs.  Then footsteps stopped and the door banged in the casing as it closed.  This was quickly followed by some screaming and loud giggling.  So we knew there was a girl up there.

That evening we were watching a DVD on the laptop and maybe they heard us and realised that there was someone listening to their antics.  Since that moment the noise level upstairs slowly dissipated, much to our relief as we could finally get a good nights sleep.

We never did find out who was up there and what they were up to, with no accompanying headboard banging on the wall it’s anyone’s guess exactly what was going on.  I just settled for the relief of being able to recharge after a hard day’s work at the office watching naked girls pole dancing and other naughtiness.