Fucking And The Voyeur

By | April 1, 2008

When you re in the middle of a passionate embrace or just as you start to get jiggy with it, does something put a slight dampener on it? Maybe the phone rings or you remember that you haven’t done something you should have before you embarked upon this quest of passion and unadulterated sex.

I try to ensure that we won’t be interrupted if we are feeling horny, I turn off the telephone and switch it over to answerphone with the volume turned down. They can call and leave messages but I don’t want to listen to them whilst I’m having my brains fucked out. 😉

In the past I’ve been known to have Alex between my legs giving me some great oral whilst answering the telephone to family. But now I’m wiser and have succumbed to the pleasure of the answerphone.

The postman has been know to interrupt us in the early morning, usually knocking for us to sign a parcel. We can’t ignore him because he is usually delivering something naughty for us to review. 😉 Somehow Alex doesn’t seem to have mastered the preservation of his erections whilst signing for a sex toy.

Once and once only we were actually disturbed by a bird flying in to the bedroom window whilst having afternoon delight. We knew it was a bird because it left a faint calling card on the glass, a perfect impression of its wings and body created from bird dust.

Even though we take the up most precaution now not to get disturbed in any way, there are certain Acts Of God that we cannot protect our sexual trysts from.

Do you know what is top of the list?

Go on I bet you could guess if you applied a little insider knowledge to the Alex/Suze lifestyle…

It’s the bloody cat.

He has a very bad and untimely habit of appearing silently during our sexual explorations. You can check this video footage out to see one of his ill timed moments. Lol

I will be getting fucked in to next week by Alex to have that feeling that someone is watching. When I turn my head he’s there, sat upright and accusingly looking straight at me as if I we are committing some kind of kitty crime.

He is easy to ignore at this stage.

I continue, enjoying my cock and think no more of him. Then out of nowhere he can cause complete and utter disruption. He will jump up on to the bed, simply observing at first. But if we continue to enjoy ourselves he steps up his campaign. If Alex’s feet are accessible he will jump on them and attack! This normally works quite well for him as Alex jumps and looses his stride.

If that fails he will come up on to my pillow purring and stick his arse in my face as he lays down next to me. How is that cats don’t like people having sex around them?

Ahhhh, it just occurred to me, he’s been “seen to” …he’s envious! ;0