Toilet Humour

By | April 2, 2008

I hate locking toilet doors, always have. This stems back to when I was a child, I guess I was probably about 6 or 7 years old. Old enough to be going in on my own anyway. Girls do you remember your mum taking you to the toilet and not just waiting outside but going in to help you?

On this occasion I think my parents were waiting for me outside, I can’t recall where we were. It was one of those old fashioned toilets, I think you probably had to “Spend a penny” to use it. The wall were solid not like today’s where they are thin and made of chipboard.

I recall having a wee and flushing. Then pulling up my pants and heading for the door. When I tried to pull back the bolt to get out it was jammed fast. It was difficult to apply much pressure because the bolt was withdrawn using a very small plug that you push back with your finger.

As much as I tried I couldn’t open it and I remember the panic setting in as I desperately looked around for an alternative escape route. The door and walls were to high to scale and there was nothing to stand on to get me over, the toilet was far too low.

At that age I was a proud child, I didn’t want to create a fuss and scream until somebody came to help and I didn’t want to break in to tears either. But I think I did in the end, I was so frightened and my parents didn’t venture in to find out why I was so long.

At that point I noticed that there was a very small gap under the toilet door which I could possibly wriggle under. But the floor wasn’t very clean and I had a nice dress on, it took me a while to decide what to do.

As I lay on the floor and wriggled under the door I felt a sense of relief that I had just managed to get under by pulling my tummy and buttocks in. They scraped the bottom of the door as I passed through with my head on one side.

Fortunately there was nobody around on the outside to notice me slide under the locked door, that would have made the experience even more excruciating.

Years later I had a happier experience in a toilet.

I was waiting for a train home in the early hours with my boyfriend and we had arrived early and to find the train had been delayed. There were few people around at that time in the morning and we decided to find somewhere to get it on.

Ok, we were young and horny! Come to think of it nothing much has changed. 😉

The only private place we could find was in the ladies toilet. We decided the ladies would be safer, not many females travelling at that time of night.

It wasn’t very romantic but we had a good fuck with me leaning over the toilet cistern. There is something extremely arousing about fucking where you are not supposed to. He must have felt the same because he came very quickly, which I suppose was a good thing to avoid getting caught with his trousers down. 😉

What moved me to write this post was discovering this site they have some wonderful signs and just browsing through the posts made me howl with laughter.

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