Women, Men And Sex Toys

By | April 2, 2008

Top Cat Toys Remote Control VibratorIf you’d asked me the questions “Why do women buy sex toys?” and “What sort of women buy sex toys?” a few years ago I’d have had to answer that sex toys were a substitute for a male partner, and that the women who bought them were either lesbian, not satisfied with their partner or screaming nymphomaniacs. Or in a small number of cases, just a little adventurous.

That’s how wrong I can be.

In the last decade sex toys have become so socially acceptable that that they are remarked upon in situation comedies, are the subject of dinner table conversation and have evolved into highly sophisticated devices.

The first vibrator I bought for Suze was a flesh-coloured variable speed penis shaped one. Not very adventurous, though as I recall it there weren’t that many to choose from. Leaving aside the fact that adult shops were few and far between because of the difficulty in obtaining a licence and the obscenity laws meant every shop owner was in constant dread of a raid from the vice squad if it was thought they were selling videos that contravened the rather fluid and badly applied censorship laws in place at the time, it was a miracle we had a shop within 20 kilometres at all.

Three things have changed since then. The public’s attitude towards toys has become more open and accepting. I have realised that most individuals and couples can benefit from the right kind of toys at the correct juncture in their relationship’s development, and finally the range and effectiveness of available toys has increased out of all recognition.

Gone are the days of two or three shapes of dildo, perhaps a butt plug and a couple of vibrators. Sex toy designers are creating devices that ignore the obvious and crafting objects that are beautiful and functional.

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