Suck My Tits And Fuck Me

By | November 1, 2010

PantiesSome of the best sex can be had when you are least expecting it. Not being nude can also be a turn on. I love the feel of him unbuttoning my blouse giving him access to my cleavage. Then the warmth of his hand on my flesh as he scoops my breast from its cup.

That tongue as it flicks the hardening nipple and traces a line around my areola. The nip as he takes a playful bite. My nipple swells in quick response to the dental sensory arousal.

His hand then makes it’s way up under the hem of my skirt. Climbing slowly up my let until it reaches my inner thigh and senses the heat being release by my sex. It homes to the crotch of my panties, feeling the moist warm material.

Then without warning he spins me round with his free hand and bends me over the kitchen worksurface applying pressure to my shoulders. I reach forward, forearms resting on the cold granite, steadying myself as he pushes my legs further apart.

I give away my excitement with my rapid breaths and moan as he pushes aside my red silky thong. He wants me and wants me now and I’m ready after spending the evening in the company of friends enjoying the company but wanting to rush home and fuck him.

We didn’t even make it as far as the bedroom.

I hear his zipper being pulled and the sound of his jeans falling to the floor. Then the hard steely warmth of him entering me. No airs and graces, it’s full on fuck. I feel his breath on the back of my neck and my right ear as he pushes deep inside me.

We both savour his entry, as he wraps his right arm around me pulling me close to his chest. He pinches my nipple, my breast is still free of my bra cup in the haste I didn’t replace it. I enjoy the sparks from my nerve endings as he tugs gently on it.

He releases me and starts to move in and out of me, spreading my moisture down his hard cock and moistening my pussy lips. Then he starts to pound in to me, my tits polishing the black granite with my bra. I place my breast back inside my bra cup avoiding the cold of the worksurface.

I could feel my orgasm coming and I shared it with him, “I’m coming!”. He quickens his pace and pounds in to me, his hips banging against my buttocks. One more thrust and he shudders and judders behind me, I feel his cock doing it’s characteristic twitch as he fires come deep inside my pussy.

He comes to a halt against my shoulder, his hot breath once again on my ear, his chest heaving heavy and rapid. His erection subsides and he slips from inside me. Then I feel the warm trickle of come on my inner thigh.

He pulls up and zips his jeans then taking my hand he leads me upstairs…