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Squeaky Rubber Sex

OK, some fun with contraception. That’s how it should be isn’t it? Safe and fun, I wonder where this one will get shown though, my faith in the UK’s ability to accept openly sexual content is very low at the moment.

XXL Cock

I was browsing the internet for some sinspiration and found a series of subtle condom ads for Durex.  The one over there to the right particularly tickled me and would be fine to display in most arenas. It’s always a difficult balance trying to promote good sexual practice whilst not thrusting it in your face […]

Kylie Riding The Rampant Bull

Some adverts are classic because of the music, the cinematography, the humour or the groundbreaking way in which they present a product or idea. Others are classics because they have a really nice looking girl getting sweaty in her underwear in a deliberately provocative manner. Which category does this fall into? I mention it as […]