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Looking For Porn?

It seems that hardly a day passes when either Jordan or Peter Andre are in the news for one thing or another and sometimes they both make an appearance on the same day.  But I suppose despite their protestations at the interference of the tabloid press in their daily lives they also can’t live without […]


I consider myself to be fairly well educated in sex and sexuality, I think the commonly used terminology for this is “sexpert” but I’ve never come across trisexual. Well according to Alex Reid who is currently participating in the annual pantomime which is Celebrity Big Brother believes he is a trisexual guy.  I’m not sure […]

Vile Sex Scenes

The tabloid press don’t half know how to cook up a storm with their reporting techniques. I’ll elaborate. Love them or hate them Katie Price aka Jordan and Peter Andre are the headliners of the moment in the press. If you haven’t read the paper lately or have been on another planet, they have split […]