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Anyone For Anal?

  If you’re interested in a little anal sex play, on your own or with your partner you should pop across to Himdulgence for a few tips. Alternatively for a more in-depth explanation of the ins and outs of anal sex  you can see this anal sex guide over on Sex Toys Buzz.   There’s […]

Anal Sex

Here’s something that surprised me when I heard it. Some girls are having anal sex with their boyfriends because they are “saving themselves” for their wedding night. That is, vaginal sex is out of bounds so they can honestly say that despite having had numerous cocks inside them they are a vaginal virgin. Well, I […]

Anal Sex, Again, Again!

Being a relative anal newbie I can’t help at be in awe at someone who can manage to take two cocks in the ass at the same time. I have only managed to successfully take Alex’s cock up my a few times.  It requires you to be 100% relaxed for it to work properly, otherwise […]

Anal About Anal

As I caught up on my porn viewing last night it occurred to me just how much trouble the girls in the scenes go to.  And I’m not just talking about taking showers and anal douching in preparation but the constant maintenance that they undergo to keep themselves employable by the industry. It must cost […]

Secret Anal Tricks

Here’s an interesting thought. I was just washing an anal toy that we’ve recently acquired for review, and it occurred to me; Could you slip a butt pug inside your partner while they are asleep? I’m not talking about something big here, just a small one, something sensual rather than sphincter stretching. This may seem […]

The Anal Gape Girls

I love porn, always have and now there is more variety than ever although I have to say that it is still rather formulaic and male orientated, even the stuff produced by the girls because at the end of the day who are they selling it to? I’m not a big fan of the stereotypical […]

More Anal Sex

As I’ve mentioned many times before being in this relationship with Alex has been a sexual voyage of discovery. We had been open, honest with a deep sense of trust to be able to at least discuss our sexual desires old and new and in most cases carry them out. I’m still working on the […]

Anal Sex That Kicks Ass

Extreme Anal Wear Winter isn’t one of my favourite seasons, I don’t like cold and the short days and long nights seem to go on for ever.  It makes me feel like grabbing a hand full of toys and hibernating until spring. One consolation is that girls tend to get their boots on just before […]

Anal In The Garden

I think that regular readers will acknowledge that we are pretty open-minded and accepting here at AlexSuze. So long as it involves consenting adults we’re at least willing to listen and don’t discount things out of hand. We review sex toys both here on AlexSuze.com and on our dedicated adult product testing site SexToysBuzz.com We […]

Stuff For Anal Addicts

Right porn pickers, here’s one for all you anal addicts out there. A filthy story for all your depraved minds to enjoy. “My cock had been rock hard since I started to fill her with the plastic phallus and I was ready to fulfil her anal lust so I took one of her hands from […]

Workplace Fantasy Sex

Sex in the workplace is a common fantasy, that’s probably why it’s so popular: “I kept thrusting until she went limp and was about to release myself inside her when she pushed back against me and twisted round, causing me to withdraw from her. My cock waved in front of me wet from the deepest […]

Anal Domination

I received my strap-on and harness the other day.  The postman knocked me up to give it to me. Lol  That sounds naughtier than it was, he was early and I was still in bed when he delivered it.  He was so eager to give it to me (there I go again  lol) that he […]

Fucking That Ass

I’ve been having some really dirty thoughts lately involving things I would like to do to Alex.  I’m not sure how receptive he will be to it but I’ve been imagining myself fucking his ass with a strap-on. We’ve tried this before some time ago when he was first getting in to anal and at […]

Anal Washing

A few years ago when we first started blogging I read something online that just came back to me. I think it was fiction but was written as if it were a real blog entry. The subject and author of the piece was a female blogger of whom I’ve heard nothing since, in fact I […]

Fucking A Tight Ass

As a child I often found out that after a long wait for something I was a tiny bit disappointed when I got it. You can put it down to marketing and my unquenchable optimism if you like. I always try to be positive, or at least I think I do, so when things don’t […]

XXX Pick, A Day In The Life Of A Slut

Today’s pick from Adult Blog Hub is from a new submissive’s site His Pleasures And Pearls. She writes as suggested in the title of her post about a day in her life but it has an interesting undertone of anal training.  A subject I’m familiar with myself being a relative newbie to anal sex. Nip […]