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Big Boobs Boys

I was just thinking about the attraction of large breasts and just what it is that stirs me.  For me the perfect pair have to be natural, no silicone enhancement and nipple size has to be proportionate to the size of the breast. When it comes to areola’s, I prefer them to be large and […]

Mega Melon Boobs

Every now and then I come across a news story that raises a smile.  I just read a story about a Co-operative supermarket in Jersey. One of the customers queried the cost of a green pepper which was charged at £1.95 instead of the usual price of 79p.  It was discovered that they had been […]

164XXX Mammoth Mammaries

After watching The Jeremy Kyle Show this morning (OK, at least I’m honest about it.  Lol) I just caught the trailer for the This Moring Show with Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford. It ran through the highlights and I couldn’t help but notice that they were going to be having Chelsea Charms on the show.  […]

Are Boobs This Big Too Good To Be True?

You will most probably know if you read here regularly I’m a boob girl.  There is nothing better than an ample chested lady, even better if they are natural. Therein lies the problem, good surgery these days can result in the finest natural looking pair of breasts.  So even to the discerning eye unless they […]

Incomprehensible Boobs

I don’t know why the artist decided to do this but this is just weird. Something about the placement of the boob … … those crazy Japanese guys!

And You Thought She Had Large Breasts!

We took a trip out to our favourite countryside retreat this afternoon to partake in their delicious food.  Alex and I visit this hostelry at least once a month because they do an extensive menu and their beers are enjoyed by Alex. It’s a bit of a treat for both of us, particularly me who […]

Bigger Boobs

It’s a fact that women’s boobs seem to be increasing in size. You can tell this from the lingerie stands in women’s outlets. Not so many years ago you would have had to buy large bras from a specialist retailer, now it is common place to see the mammoth sized bras alongside the smaller ones. […]

Whopping Boobs

I’m sure bra sizes have gone up at a staggering rate over the last 10 years and I don’t mean because more women are opting for a boob job.  The average size of breasts when I was growing up was about a B cup and me, I was a AA at the time. The B […]