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Going Hard and Going Home

Imagine the scene, it’s Friday and I’m driving home from the office in my car, which I will explain at this point is a large Mercedes 4×4. This puts me quite high up and gives me the same view-point enjoyed by most large van drivers, though not quite as high as you’d get from the […]

Girls Who Get Dirty In Cars

Word of warning dear readers, I will be asking for a little reader participation regarding this post. 😉 Alex and I both have cars, his new one is a dark colour and at the moment is covered in dried salt from the roads, though the rain tonight will help to get rid of that. Lucky for […]

Blow Job In A Taxi

Headlights reflect from the wet asphalt. The deluge has passed but the world still drips and gutters still run. I drove past groups of revellers, freshly ejected from the nightclubs without late licences, the young and not so young. From the 15 year old girls with too much makeup, just making it past the judgemental […]