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Watching Suze Cum

I remember watching Suze pleasure herself to clitoral orgasm for the first time and it was something quite special. I said it in a recent post, there’s always something new to be experienced, always a new facet of sex that presents itself. Until that night I’ve been the one administering the clitoral orgasms as it […]

Fucking Tina

Celebrity Big Brother this year is turning out to be the most entertaining Channel Four have run for many years. The whole thing had become a bit stale and a political nightmare following the racist thing a couple of years ago. But this one has come back with a vengance. For me the thing about […]

Lucy Pinder And Her 32G’s

Well I got myself all excited over Big Brother again last night. It was their Showcase night, a chance to show off the talents for which they are renowned. Helpful for the house members from across the pond who may not be familiar with their work. Mutya put on a good performance, she can obviously […]

Lucy Pinder Shows Off Her Talents

I would like to say that I have become hooked yet again to Celebrity Big Brother but to be quite honest there is so little coverage that you don’t really get the chance. You have to make do with the odd hour here and there and of course the edited highlights that are run. Tonight […]

Lucy Pinder’s Hungry Pussy

I admit it we’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother. Only briefly mind you, while we were in bed this afternoon just prior to a bit of you know what. I had to share something that tickled me about the show. Not because it was dirty or even said in a way that carried any sort […]