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Celebrity Nudes

There was a time when celebrity nude images were a novelty. There have always been three types – the real, the fake and the look-alike photographed to make you say “Is that really them?” A lot of celebrities have a “past”, often modelling in anything from a knitting pattern illustration to an “art” film at […]

We All Love Celebrity Nudes

No prizes but can you spot who this is? But what is it about celebrity nudes that we all find so appealing. Even if you con’t actively seek them out don’t you secretly get a bit of a thrill when you see them. Can you actually resist taking a peek if you see a link […]

Celebrity Nudes

When I wrote the post a couple of days ago about Ulrika Johnson being a bit of a MILF I didn’t mention that Googling her name produces some images that I’m guessing are not entirely genuine. You know, the ones purporting to show her being DP-ed by two guys etc. All fake, some executed better […]