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Watching Suze Cum

I remember watching Suze pleasure herself to clitoral orgasm for the first time and it was something quite special. I said it in a recent post, there’s always something new to be experienced, always a new facet of sex that presents itself. Until that night I’ve been the one administering the clitoral orgasms as it […]

Suze’s Clitoris Gets Attention

Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler Now what can I say about this little baby…fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkk! End of review. No seriously.  When I first opened the packet for the Chrerry Blossom Nibbler I must say it didn’t impress.  It reminded me of a small torch without a light.  Lol  But, Oh boy, was I wrong.  Lesson learned…never […]


The Celebrator is a clever, discreet head which attaches easily to any toothbrush with Oral B type connection. It is totally inconspicuous if placed along with your toothbrush in your luggage nobody would guess that it wasn’t for cleaning your teeth. Therefore a great toy to take away with you on your holidays or a […]