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Going Down On Alice

Alice In The Nude These pictures aren’t to my taste, though in the context of alternative Alice Illustrations they are inventive and of a style that fit the Alice stories in a perverted way. I’d never come across Frank Brunner until I found the image and like I said I don’t realy get his stuff […]

Sex On A Chair

Art is a wonderful medium for portraying and exploring human sexuality. The problem with sex in art is that it often spend more time expressing the sex than the sexual and does nothing to investigate our relationship with our bodies, sexuality and each other. At least pornography is honest in its intent. When I see […]

The Naked Stranger

Don’t you think that this picture is all the more alluring because you can’t see the model’s face? It adds a mystery that is subtle and powerful. She also has a nice ass 🙂

The Sexy Angle

I like this image because someone has actually taken the trouble to use a different angle to make the picture more interesting and intimate yet playful. Other photographers please take note, sometimes legs akimbo is not the most attractive shot.

Kinky Contorto Girl

Found this image and loved it. Then I thought how uncomfortable she must have been while it was being taken. Still her partner is a very lucky person. I mean, imagine the sex 🙂 You already were weren’t you LOL