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500 Words “Skirt”

It’s dim, unnaturally so but slowly the light from an unseen flickering oil lamp baths her in a warm yellow glow. She has her back to me, white cotton blouse tailored, fitted to her curves. The red skirt she wears ends just above her knee leaving a provocative length of stocking clad calf between the […]

Fulfilling Your Sexual Fantasies

At one time or another everyone has a sexual fantasy. Some people have them rarely, preferring to stay within the confines of the real world and taking pleasure from that. However for many people sexual fantasies are a source of pleasure in themselves, and when you’re between partners they com in awfully useful. LOL It […]

Hard And Mastered – Part 2

Tessa’s eyes opened slowly to regard the vaulted roof of her cell. It was yellow sandstone like the rest of the building, orange-red veins of iron oxide giving it an organic quality like petrified wood. A warm light leaked in through the small, high window above her head, it was late, the sun was setting. […]

Hard And Mastered – Part 1

The marble-white skin of Tessa’s cheek seemed to have an inner glow. Her eyes were closed, her head cradled in the chair. Her delicate lips were slightly open, picked out in claret red lipstick. Her raven black hair plaited down the back of her head, laid across her shoulder and left breast. She wore a […]