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Oral Sex Unlimited

Before a girl had had her mouth around my cock I was totally unaware of how much technique oral sex could involve. My recollections of the first time a girl sucked my cock were of enthusiasm, but not much else. I was excited of course and she was too. She started gently, not knowing exactly […]

Skull Fucking Wednesday

I’m the kind of girl that you really can’t pigeon hole. I’m not in to hotwifing or cuckolding but I can be a kinky bitch when in the mood. I would like to think that is exactly why Alex and I have been together so long, the variety, passion and non pretentious relationship we have. […]

Lickety Clit – Tongue Joy Turbo

This is a very innovative in design and concept. I couldn’t wait to give it a trial on Alex’s cock and my clit was begging for it. 😉 The Tongue Joy has a cordless basic unit which houses two 393 watch batteries facilitating wireless pleasure and one speed. Also included is the Turbo battery pack […]