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What’s The Kink U Like?

Life in general and the adult biz in particular taught me one thing – you can never think you’ve seen it all because as soon as you think that something will pop up to surprise you. Everyone has a kink, a fetish a predilection if you will and don’t let them tell you otherwise. So, […]


Sometimes your kinkiest desires can be difficult, impractical or just plain messy. Baby oil is one such bit of naughtiness. Beyond a few squirts and a bit of erotic massage you enter into a scenario that requires a huge sheet of polythene, towels and a carefully planned root to the shower. Without such careful preparation […]


There are a lot of things that people find attractive, a lot of different preferences and fetishes. If whatever turns you on is more than just a liking for something, a preference that is more of a sexual fetish, then practicality and common sense go out of the window. If you do have a fetish […]

Hat Fetish

Having a fetish for hats is something that I can understand. Hats have up until recently been falling out of fashion. In recent years they have become a little more common on both men and women again but they are still the exception, rather than the rule they once were. It is their very unusualness […]

The Sex Behind The Mask

If there’s one thing that can be said of art and fashion is that it’s all derivative. That is in no way a derisory comment it is an observation on the fact that all creative people are made up of their experiences, where else do they get their creative inspiration? The truly talented creative personality […]

Sexy Uniforms

I love this image and I’m sure Alex does too.  I’ve a bit of a soft spot for some uniforms, particularly those of anyone in authority or the services.  They just make me want to say “yes sir!”  I can be a bit of a submissive at times too.Personally I’ve only had to wear a […]

Pet Play Sexuality

Alex and I try to keep our relationship alive and although due to external influences it can’t always be as exciting as we may like it doesn’t hurt to make a little bit of effort. We have the opportunity to explore new sexual avenues quite frequently via our toy testing which keeps the flames burning. […]

Geek Chic

Is Tech sexy? I’m coming to the conclusion that Geek is most definitely sexy for some people. To be specific Geek girls, in glasses, doing the looking up at the camera MySpace picture – that is becoming a definite Internet fetish for some consumers of Internet content. It’s an extension of library fetish that’s been […]

I’m Not Kinky I’m Expressing Myself

Exactly what is sexy?  I believe it is a subjective expression because everyone has their own personal interpretation of it.  For me sexy can be a wry smile playing upon a lovers lips or the stereotypical lace up corset and stockings. I know if I’m wearing stockings and a basque my whole demeanour changes, I […]

Sex In The School Library

Something that the teachers at my school always found difficult was getting pupils, especially the boys, to use the library. I grew up when the distractions for adolescents were becoming more and more compelling. Apart from our appetite from trying to get off with the opposite sex we had increasingly sophisticated video games, PCs and […]

From Fetish To Deviant, Who decides?

… Or to ask a far more meaningful question – Who says what is and is not deviant? The media love to put people in boxes, label them and in so doing denigrate them. I think it derives from the media’s belief that nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of their readership. That may […]

Supermarket Sex Trip

The problem, if it can be considered a problem…with being the author of a sex blog and sex toy tester is the way that your mind thinks. Mine seems to be permanently set to naughty. Most things I perceive with some kind of sexual connotation, it’s like living in a perpetual Carry On film. Lol […]

Leather Lesbians

Why is it that in my dreams when I was an adolescent all the girls looked like this? Vivid imagination I assume. Now, with the Internet no imagination is needed! LOL Pity because my warped little mind was very good at thinking up images just like this one.

Have A Horny Halloween

Oooooh! It’s Halloween! Well almost. It’s always a danger when manufacturers produce products that can only be sensibly sold at one time of year, take the Christmas themed Rub My Duckie from big Teaze Toys. Of course around Halloween sex toy manufacturers try the same thing. We have done a few sex toy reviews around […]