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Simply Fetish

What counts as sexy varies so much for each and every one of us.I was doing a little research into fetishes and came across quite a few that seem to be quite bizarre. I suppose using the word bizarre implies those who have these fetishes are odd people but I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

More Kink

I wrote recently about odd things that press your buttons, that is I asked you all what is the weirdest and most unique thing that gets your juices flowing. This time I suppose I’m wondering here about the sort of things that might be common to a lot of people, a certain look, a smell, […]

Up Skirts, Down Tops

I never thought about it until just now but if there’s a fetish called up-skirts then surely there’s one called down-tops where you look down a girl’s blouse at her cleavage?

Sex And Kinky Boots

At what pint do you move from just being very sexually aware, very sexually active and just very sexual to being a kinky bastard? I thought there was a specific point in time. A milestone that I had passed and I’d be able to identify. Well, I searched for the kink marker in my life, […]

Fishnets And Fellatio

How Small Is Your Fetish? I believe we all have fetishes, even if they are not the driving force and defining element of our sexuality. Each of us has something that turns us on and excites us out of all proportion to its actual significance. I started thinking about this when I was going over […]

Kinky And Proud Of It

Where Does the Kink Come From? Does a relationship suddenly become kinky or does the kink slip into it slowly, over time? I think that depends on the relationship. Suze and I have always been honest about our feelings and desires. Though not always kinky. We’re not that kinky now. So if you’re expecting to […]