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500 Words – Under The Table

It’s dark in the club, darker still at the back of the club where the booths are and we’re watching the heaving dance floor from underneath an air conditioning unit. The bodies out there are gyrating and sweating, rubbing one against the other to the deep thrumming beat that takes over their minds and makes […]

500 Words “Squirt”

It was late, we’d both had a lot to drink and the taxi had just delivered us safely back home. We both rushed to the bathroom and like a gentleman I let her use the loo first. Her skirt was hitched up to reveal her stockings and her lacy panties fell to her ankles ending […]

Leather Love

He watched her scurry across the carpark, her kitten heels clipping on the pavement until she reached her car. Her raincoat was draped over her arm, not quite concealing the swatch book in her hand. He pondered for a moment. She did this every day, slip the bound pile of upholstery squares out of the […]