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Popping Poppy’s Pussy

For all of you who like a bit of erotic fiction … “Poppy’s hands moved up to her breast, kneading them, letting Kevin attend to the fiery desire between her legs.  Kevin watched his cock disappear between her lips, the thrill of the encounter enhanced by the sight of his thick, veined member sliding past […]

Sex With The Staff In Hotel Rooms

Try this on for size: “A moment later I was in the bathroom watching her hands gliding over her curvy body. Her hair was pinned up with just a few stray strands now clinging to her back. She was facing away from me but I sensed she knew I was there as soon after I […]

Getting Sex Wherever You Are

For a while now we’ve realised that a lot of our readers across all of our sites actually consume our content on mobile devices. That’s fine if you have a large screened mobile or a tablet device as a conventional format works OK. But on smaller devices we’ve adopted an automatically applied mobile device friendly […]