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Suze’s Vibrator Escapade

Suze has published her latest sex toy review over on Sex Toys Buzz. It’s a compact but powerful vibe from NMC. You can read the vibrator review here. While you’re over there why not join the Newsletter for the chance to win sex toys and adult products. The of course there’s the competition here at […]

Masturbation A Plenty

Alex was right the other day when he said to me “I’ve got to go to work now. It’s alright for you, you get to play with yourself all day”. How many other people can say they get to work from home and every now and then slip off to the bedroom in the line […]

Twisted Fairies

October is nearly upon us and while the draw fro the Sex Toy Buzz sex toy giveaway is almost upon us my mind is thinking beyond that and into October because a) we’re going to Venus and b) it’s Halloween month and you all know how I like twisted stories so expect lots of naught […]

Throbbing And Horny

There’s nothing I like better than reading a good naughty book. Well there is, having a good hard shag. So if you discount the sex bit a decent piece of erotic fiction floats my boat like nothing else. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to offer books from the UK’s pre-eminent erotic publisher Xcite […]

Turn Me On, Flick Me Off

As you know we run a competition over at Sex Toys Buzz, where everyone who receives our newsletter also has the chance to win free sex toys every month. As part of this of course you have to give us your email address, a nickname and a password. Then you receive a confirmation email with […]

Big Pink And Even More Fun

There are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention. Firstly, for bloggers and readers alike there is a great resource for you to promote your site and increase your traffic. Adult Blog Hub has been around for a few years now and searches well at Google. There are two sides to […]

Sexy Giveaway!

Sex Toys Buzz is going from strength to strength with last month giving us the highest number of subscribers to the newsletter. If you haven’t already subscribed what are you waiting for? By joining you are automatically entered in to the FREE monthly prize draw where you can win lots of lovely adult products like […]

Dildo Fun For Free

Free Sex Toys – Join The Buzz Club Now! Yesterday saw the launch of the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter and the chance for you all to enter the free sex toy draw which takes place once each month. We’re very encouraged by the number of people who have signed up already. You have to be […]

Free Sex Toys- Yes, I Did Say Freeeee!

Alex and I have been working our little socks off lately, well Alex has done most of the work. To bring you something completely new and innovative, something you can all be a part of. And the best part about it is you can join and participate for FREE! We are so excited… Today we […]